SDG invite and objectives

Sustainable Development Goals: How can SA advance the welfare of the youth ahead of the UN Summit to adopt the post-2015 development agenda? 06 August 2015IJR offices.

SDG invitation and objectives


Event Invitation

Budget 2015: Building Block or obstacle towards and Inclusive Economy? 04 March 2014. IJR offices.


Transformation Audit Launch. 18 February 2015. IJR offices.

This event was the media launch of the 2014 Transformation Audit. It focused on the key issues and points raised in the 2014 TA. The key objective of the event was information dissemination and to highlight the critical issues prevailing in South Africa with regards to transformation.

Event Outcome: TA Executive Summary


SONA 2015: Things Said and Unsaid

SONA 2015: Things Said and Unsaid. 13 February 2015. IJR offices.

The key objective of this seminar was to highlight the silences in the 2015 SONA. Overall it was considered one of the worst thus far, considering the quality of the speech. It was broad and lacked depth. Yes, it is important to focus on pressing issues such as the economy, however the President’s speech was detached from the “soul of the nation.” Watch the below video for some insights and analysis of the 2015 SONA.


Western Cape Youth Dialogue on the Draft National Youth Policy 2014-2019. 11 February 2015. IJR offices.

Event Invitation

Event Outcome: Proposals and key recommendations for submission to the Youth Desk at the Presidency.

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