Jan Hofmeyr (Head of Programme: Policy and Analysis)
Tel: 021-202-4075
Fax to email: 0872343712

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Marieke

    A quick comment regarding the blog – it is brilliant! Along with your book, it has been a great source of knowledge and interest for me on both a personal and academic level.

    This might be unnecessary to note, but had I known sooner that there was this amount of quality writing a “click” away, I would have been very fortunate. I do not know what your policies and practices are regarding SEO and blog / website – marketing, but it might be wise to invest in this as this will grow your reach and audience (as I am completely sure you are aware of).

    Consider affiliating your blog with a newspaper or popular website other than the IJR, as I know many individuals my age (younger graduates) in would enjoy the blog-posts.

    • Ayanda Nyoka

      Hi Marieke,

      I’m glad you’ve found this blog useful. Thanks for your suggestions – we will definately take it up. Please also do help us by spreading the word.

  2. ofentse mmusi


    I am running a youth development programme in bakwena ba-mogopa interests are to develop youth in a holistic and comprehensive you run the same programmes with mine, I would like to partner with you as well.

    we will further discussion more after your response.

    thinking you in anticipation

    079 727 2273

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