Keeping youth unemployment on top of the political agenda

From the Mail and Guardian

“South Africa can either offer a “perfect window” of opportunity that could see young, skilled people contribute to a thriving economy, or a “perfect storm” where these same young, but unskilled people vent their frustration in the streets in ways that undermine social and political stability,” writes Jan Hofmeyr, head of the IJR’s Policy and Analysis Unit.
In a country were only 35% of respondents younger than 35 felt that the government is doing well in creating employment and less than half (45%) felt that their general economic prospects were likely to improve in the two years that lay ahead, according to findings from the 2014 SA Reconciliation Barometer, youth unemployment should remain at the top of the political agenda.
Marking this youth month, we invite you to read the article published last week in the Mail and Guardian Keeping youth unemployment on top of the political agenda.

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